The “Maybe” phone: LG V10

LG, trying to keep up with competitors

LG, trying to keep up with competitors

LG’s new V10 failed to impress consumers in its home country of Korea with its release this week. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 took the crown instead, along with other Samsung beauties. Now analysts are nervous about the phone’s future outlook. The price of the LG has already dropped (US $615) but still keeping a slow pace with the Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 costing equally as much. The LG V10 cannot compare to the competition’s low cost and high-end specifications.
The LG V10 had a massive campaign for being a flagship phone packed with top-end features which was supposed to rival Samsung and Apple, but even with the presence of a speculation edge it failed to impress. sws
This is the first phone of the V series to come. The strongest selling points of this phone is the intriguing second screen at the top of the phone, as well as the addition of a variety of pretty cool camera features
The LG V10’s exterior has a metal frame, with LG sticking to their aversion of tinny metal The back cover is removable and made of soft, scratch-resistant Dura Guard silicone making it feel like very much like rubber. The back plate has a bumpy texture like the rubber grip you might put on your car’s steering wheel.
The LG V10 boasts of two screens apart from the usual screen, leading users to use the smaller screen at the top for aid in finding shortcuts and contacts. It does not come with a curved screen on the handset like the LG G4 does. The second screen is always on, and it tells you the time, date, weather, battery, and other info at a glance, always hiding in the top corner.
The processor has a hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor to power its 4GB RAM. Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor is considerably more favorable than other SoC’s systems.
The LG V10 features 5MP Dual Front Cameras that have two separate lenses yet some other pretty cool features such as a nice manual mode which allows you to adjust ISO, white balance, focus, frame rate, shutter speed and the audio quality. The phone has four mics that let you choose the direction of your sound for a video. It also has learns your social media habits so you can share videos super quickly. The best thing about this camera is it produces 15 second highlight clips by analyzing the action in the video to pull out the best parts.
For storage, the LG V10 has a 64 GB internal storage capacity, twice that of the LG G4 (LG V10 is not the successor of LG G4). It comes with a micro SD card slot which can be used to increase the storage capacity up to 2TB.
LG V10’s battery has Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology built into it. It is a 3,000mAh battery that takes only 40 minutes to get a 50 percent charge.
The operating system is set with Android 5.1 Lollipop pre-installed and the android should be getting the Android 6.0 Marshmallow in the near future.
Overall, the LG V10 is a good phone, but it should be available at a lower cost so our heads won’t swing in Samsung or Apple’s direction.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Phones have gone really tiny, and they have gone really big. It is intriguing to wonder how people talk on a Phablet, or how they hold it comfortably one handed. The idea of a phone this big makes me shiver. When the phones were getting smaller and smaller, that was laughable and head shaking. So what about this Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Rumor has it this is an exceptional device, but also at a cost. If you are with a normal to large hand this phablet will squeeze into you palm, but somehow make you look silly while talking through it. Samsung has continued the metal rimmed galaxy alpha look on the Note 4, followed by silver accents around the edges and the buttons are slick as well (yet not as sleek as the Sony Xperia Z3 or LG G3). The dimensions of the Note 4 are 6×31 and weight carries at 6.2 oz. In The Samsung phablet the display resolution has jumped from a 1080p HD all the way up to a 2,650x1440p quad HD AMOLED display.
What is really interesting though about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is of course, the stylus. If you are a mad scribbler and have the flexible cash flow, then the Note 4 may be your calling. This is what makes the Note 4 popular. This little 4 inch plastic S-pen is almost like that of the Note 3, but a wee bit shorter. The stylus this year is smooth and more responsive, consistently writing darker and heavier than the Note 3 pen did. This pen has evolved with a wide number of writing implements and colors, even sporting a calligraphy tip this time. There are also presets of different templates and backgrounds as well. The pen is awesome for navigating around the web as an extension of your finger and mouse.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has quickly rounded up a reputation for its performance. In every category of testing, this device scored almost to perfection in performance. It has excellent and reliable download/upload speeds as high as 300Mbps down and 500Mbps up. Battery life is also commendable at 20 hours of talk time, and only taking an hour to charge up to 50 percent of the battery’s capacity.
Another cool thing about the Samsung Galaxy Note4 is the split screen mode which can be launched in several ways and can also create smaller popup windows to drag around the screen. The size of the popup can be shrunk to float around the screen as a persistent bubble, kind of like a chathead. The camera is good for those outdoor shots, but falls behind with the indoor images.aaaaaaaaa
If you crave a large screen phone and are a compulsive scribbler, then the Note 4 is for you. You must also have a really flexible budget as this top shelf device will set you a back a penny. Many admirers of Samsung will sing to you that it is worth it. Maybe the Note 4 is worth those extra bucks. However, if you already have a Samsung 3 and don’t plan to use that stylus then pass this device up. On a curious note (no pun intended) what exactly is the process for a misplaced or lost stylus?

Blackberry Passport, a Status Phone?


Strange how we used to look at Blackberry as the end all phones of status and success. If you had a Blackberry, it looked as if you were in the money. Then, Blackberry silently faded away, and along came the Apple iPhone and other sleek looking better phones. What happened? That seems to be the big question for Blackberry, as consumers huddle around the new Blackberry Passport. One look at this phone and it almost feels cringe worthy.
Right away the size and shape will put you off. There is no way to find comfort in a heavy one-handed hold. The phone is awkward. The keyboard is the typical Blackberry keyboard we are traditionally used to. This keyboard is what shot Blackberry to the cream of the crop. If you are not used to a Blackberry keyboard, or have never used one, then this one will provide a challenge, as it is low on the device and requires a cradling with both hands. However, with that being said, one of the pros about this phone is how fast you adjust and how delightful the keyboard actually becomes. It also doubles as a touchpad.
The Blackberry Passport is named such because it takes on the same dimensions as an actual passport. Did Blackberry want to create a buzz with this design? At 128 x 90.3mm, this screen out sizes most wide screened phones on the market; but Blackberry insists it is not a setback but a dignified feature. If you want surf the web, then hold the phone sideways for better comfort. The phone weighs in heavy at 196g; with a 4.5 inch square LCD panel that has a 1400 x 1400 resolution (equals a pixel density of 453 ppi). This is okay for easy to read text but the device is less vibrant or visually pleasing than most other phones.
The robustness of the Blackberry passport cannot be ignored. The device is shielded with Gorilla glass surrounded by a stainless steel frame and the back is covered with a soft plastic (with exception to a camera module in between a single partition of metal at the top of phone.) The display screen does offer up one of the best outdoor viewing making for clear sunlight visibility; better than most phones do outdoors. The device come with four mics, one is in the earpiece. It has a 2MP front facing camera and a 13 megapixel with LED flash in back. A pet peeve for any cell phone user is the word predictions during text. Blackberry Passport’s word predictions will frustrate you. It will only predict the right words half of the time. There are other features which are interesting. The traditional Blackberry shortcuts are still existent and detract by simplicity from the awkward shape of the phone.blackberry2222
In essence, if you are a Blackberry fan, then the phone will be appealing to you. The pros of this device are the long battery life, outdoor visibility, strong build and an appealing camera. The biggest cons though exist in the awkward size and shape of the handset. Not to mention, some quirky problems in performance and learning how to get used to the keyboard. Blackberry isn’t a signature everyone can do; it is a niche phone all on its own. What once used to be a status phone is desperately grabbing at the concept of individuality once more. They may have succeeded…but in the right direction?

Apple iphone 6


Apple has done it again. The iphone 6 is receiving wide applause from iphone lovers and alike. To begin with, the screen space has expanded just as users have been asking for. The display dishes up promises and fulfills those promises by introducing the design. Apple has brought high quality in your hand with a new sleek finish. Their experience in iphones means you can look to Apple and know what lies up ahead in mobile technology. On the iphone 6, Apple included TouchID implantation to fit snugly into the coming Apple Pay which is in works. The potential behind this phone is a direct result of Apple’s busy developers pounding out the kinks, and building like crazy on an already sturdy platform. This iphone 6 has won the best phone for 2014.

The design is refined and immaculate. The aluminum constructed body is similar to an HTC, but slicker and more delicious than HTC or anyone else could think of. A picture of this phone cannot do justice to actually holding this smooth phone is. Other phones will feel out of date because this phone is so delicately light. Even sliding a case over it isn’t going to weigh this phone down. The Apple iphone 6 is so sexy, not one sharp edge can be found in those amazing curves.

Okay, with that being said, let’s have a sobering moment. Remember when Samsung did the screen wrap design on one of their phones awhile back? If you owned one of these and had the misfortune of dropping it…then you know the problem here. A cracked screen is a useless screen. Owners of the new Apple iphone 6 had best put that little gem into a case because the screen wrap design does have its

Another side note is this phone is mysteriously similar to the Samsung Galaxy 5 with a side position power button. Both cameras are similar, with Samsung offering a wee better one. Both Multimedia is the same and some of the technology is equal as well. Samsung Galaxy 3 actually offers more in extra features, has better battery life than Apple, and the hardware in the Apple iphone 6 is no match for the Samsung quad core or system memory. So does Apple have the best phone of the year? Depends on who you ask.

The truth is whether or not you are on team windows or team android. People are just that devoted. Debates will fly between both sides causing factual turbulence when all of it is merely an emotion driven choice. Our phone is our best friend. So Apple has proven to satisfy their hungry followers. The Apple iphone 6 has tempered the windows appetite and proven to us that Apple chugs along. Yet, should it be voted the best phone of 2014? Depends on who you ask.

Motorola Droid Turbo


Remember Motorola Moto X? The phone has serious followers; actually, Motorola has serious followers. The first Moto X was the noble attempt of Motorola to check into the smart phone lane. For some it was enough and others doffed their nose at Motorola for all the mistakes in the smart phone attempt. Even with the upgrade presentation of Moto X2, only the hardcore stuck around to yip at all the distinguished improvements. There is good reason for this, Motorola makes juicy phones and by that, these phones are compelling to say the least. They fit amazingly in the hand and these little bundles have the capacity to customize, customize, customize.
So here comes Motorola again with the release of Motorola Droid Turbo. Hardcore fans are chomping at the bit to experience what is an “okay” phone to most. The population who loves this phone is the ones not interested in image, but durability. Imagine for a minute a Kevlar weave, curvy and snugging fit handset just grooved into your palm; this is not a phablet, or some kind thin device or even one of those other new ‘bendy’ ones. The Motorola Droid Turbo is the old school feel. Motorola shouts a slogan “rise to the moment with” on the Motorola Droid Turbo phone referring to the absolute power the phone promises to deliver. The device is equipped with a capable quad-core 2.7GHz Snapdragon 805 chip, the powerful 3,900mAh battery, and 3GB of RAM. At 5.2 inches, the phone has added resolution sharper than most smart phones; however, there are readability problems in direct sunlight from the added pixel density on the back light.
Motorola did up one with an advanced processor but some of the quality additions are not so great. These days it is harder to see the differences in any androids OS and sometimes it seems redundant. The Droid Turbo is no exception due to the usual amount of bloatware which half is not useful. Probably the most impressive is the app “zap” which is for instant sharing. You can control your phone remotely just using your voice; however, sometimes it won’t execute command and is painfully slow. Motorola does well with their “double crank” hand feature for the camera viewfinder, yet the camera is still awkward with limited interface. The camera will take good pictures, given the right lighting.
So did Motorola “rise to the moment with” the new Droid Turbo? Yes and no. The pros of this phone are they did get some of the bugs out and produced a better version of their smart phone and it does have a powerful battery. In the long run, the phone is under delivered with coming out as average. The biggest setback is the phone is only available on contract through Verizon. With that being said, if you are a hardcore fan of Motorola then this phone will make you feel all gushy inside while abiding to a contract and a mere 199 dollar ticket price on this power bragging device.

BLU Advance 4.0 Unlocked SIM Phone


The BLU Advance 4 is a pleasant welcome to those who love to download and install apps. especially if they are upgrading from a phone they never had a option to install before. This cool phone has 1.27GB of space for apps, which is pretty small by cell phone standards ( a standard Android OS has 2.72GB)but this phone is designed especially for those who are new to the smart phone experience. Believe it or not, there are a lot of folks who have not chased after the latest in phone technology. The BLU Advance 4 with its great price and inclusive functions allows for budget friendly boost in buying a new mobile. It can switch carrier services with no problems in an easy way. When the SIM card is installed call, text, and data all load automatically. The BLU Advance is able to get 4g and there is absolutely no ‘bloatware’ on this phone. Memory is not wasted by unwanted apps.
Most BLU Advance 4 users love the fact they can customize to their heart’s content. The phone maintains a 4” crisp and bright screen. The touch screen is similar to other Androids and offers few problems in getting around. There is a swift key for the keyboards which so many people are starting to use now to text, just makes texting that much easier.
Some of the down sides to this phone would be the camera. So if you are a camera fiend, then the BLU Advance 4 would not be for you. The focus doesn’t work so well with things in a close range, not producing the greatest photos. Another downside is the battery life on this phone. It depends on how many apps you are running in the background, yet you may find yourself charging it more. Last downer with the BLU is where the speaker is located. If you want to listen to music, you will soon discover it muted due to your hand covering it…the speaker is located in the lower back of phone.
The BLU Advance 4 is a pretty phone, comparable to other competitive mobile phones. It comes with a screen protector, ear buds, and a protective silicone case. The standard charger with the manual are also included. The silicone case is a efficient grip on a somewhat plastic feeling phone.Blu_Life_Play_35822885_01
This phone is perfect for a newbie in the cell phone arena. Consider it a stepping stool to understanding the more complex designs and functions of advanced cell phones. The phone is priced great for the budget, and designed to operate simple. Most people who have bought this phone find it user friendly and like how it looks. BLU’s homework would be to improve the camera and add more space on their next venture. For now, it is a basic upgrade from an old school cell phone.

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon has jumped head first into the smartphones market with the innovative and intriguing Fire Phone. So the company has to compete with the iPhone, and the glorious Samsung Galaxy S5. They better be bringing something special to the table. The Fire Phone makes a giddy first impression. To begin with, Amazon is featuring their custom Dynamic Perspective and Firefly technologies.
Dynamic Display is a custom screen technology which will offer glasses free 3D viewing experience on the Fire Phone’s four front cameras. 5 infrared sensors watch your face and tweak your perspective on the screen. Jiggle the phone and watch as it shape shifts the angle to match the display to your face.
Firefly technology allows you to pull data from the Amazon database with your camera and microphone such as books, phone numbers, codes, URLs, and bar codes. If you needed even a bigger reason to get excited over this phone, consider the uses of a phone which will search and scan anything. Like Shazam is to music, Firefly is to everything.
Amazon created a snazzy looking phone with Fire Phone. A glassy backing and a rubberized side, you will know this phone is meant for one handed browsing. The screen is flattering, leaving out the face buttons known to be at the bottom of smartphones. Even though some ideas for the phone are filled with slight revisions and repeats of something from already existing designs, it is of solid configuration. The camera is exceptional in popping out high quality photos. The Fire phone has the ‘May day’ button for those who are new to the smartphones experience. The button gives access to a quick support tech to assist in using the phone. This is a valuable tool for beginners. fire
Another cool, inviting concept delivered by Amazon is Amazon Prime. With the purchase of the phone, you get a full year of Amazon Prime ($99 value) to stream free movies and music. Amazon means to pull you in to their world. The abilities of this fire phone are fluid and fierce, and Amazon based. The experience is meant to make Amazon the nucleus of your everyday activities. Whether you are scanning a phone number, searching a book code, or watching a movie, Amazon wants to get closer to you.
This is Amazon’s first attempt in the smartphones arena. They aim to be distinct with the introduction of the Fire phone. With a few kinks to work out, the next generation looks deliciously promising. While still not as solid as a Galaxy, or HTC, there are some very innovative ideas emerging from Amazon. The price of the phone will set you back a few hundred, but this is to be expected from new technology. The lure of this phone lies in the offering of Amazon Prime. This may be worth the money alone. Firefly technology still needs improvement in scanning recognition, and the Dynamic Display is an idea so new, it can be overwhelming. One can sense what is ahead for the next generation of Fire phone, and with Amazon’s diligence in excellence, you are sure to dive in.

HTC Desire 816 Review

HTC Desire 816 Review

HTC Desire 816 Review

HTC Desire 816 Review

In the round up of the best android mobile phones, the search is on for number one. Android phones have a strict following of people who wouldn’t choose anything else. Meandering in the middle of the top ten lists is the king sized HTC Desire 816. This cool phone is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but way less expensive. First and foremost, this techno gadget is what is referred to as a ‘phablet’, part phone and part tablet lingo. From there the HTC Desire 816 looks stylish even though it is a simple plastic form; it kind of takes a flex when held. Be prepared to use both hands for tapping or typing as this screen is a 5.5 inch display. The volume buttons are located on the left side of the phone, rattling a bit if you were to shake the phone. On the other side are three slots for nano –SIM slots and a micro SD reader which handles cards up to 128GB.
The capabilities of the HTC Desire 816 show the phone’s internals boast of high LTE speed with 1.6GHz quad core snapdragon 400 SoC and 1.5GB of RAM. For a clear multimedia experience, this phone delivers. It is relatively simple to transfer data files with the HTC’s sync manager and HTC transfer tool app.
The downside to owning this device is the lack in camera technology. The camera is temperamental to the point of annoying. For indoor pictures it can be somewhat decent; but get it outside and forget the cool pictures. The camera darkens photos and has unreliable vibrancy, you just never know what you are going to get when snapping away. Speaking of snapping away, the shutter response is frustrating and undependable. The front facing cameras on HTC Desire phones are inconsistent across the phones. You might be lucky and get a decent one with good image quality.

Most competitive android developers always seem to have at least one stand out feature designed specifically for each phone. The HTC Desire doesn’t seem to have anything special to brag about. It is a mid range phone or phablet for those who want the other abilities the phone offers. Despite the smooth overall performance, there are some issues with the HTC Desire some people won’t overlook. If you are okay with a stretch of the hand always, or using two hands then this phone won’t bother you. If you are an avid ‘selfie’ taker, then pass up this one. If you love the idea of a colorful phone at a good price, this will be a budget choice. The slimness of the phone makes up for the width, and it is lightweight. You can also get the HTC Desire 816 in six different pastel colors. If you desire this HTC desire 816, play around with it for awhile before purchasing to make certain you get exactly what you want in your phone.

Sony Xperia EC1504 Review

Sony Xperia EC1504 Review – Unlocked Android phone

Sony Xperia EC1504 Review

Sony Xperia EC1504 Review

The Sony Xperia EC1504 mobile phone is a cheap alternative to traditional cell phones. If you want to buy your smart phone outright, this will cost under $150 with a US warranty along with it. Better yet, the phone is unlocked and runs an Android 4.1. The Xperia compares to 3Gs and 4Gs. There is a data usage app to help manage your costs and keep away those unpleasant phone bill surprises. The phone performs well with the standard activities such as texting, web browsing, and games. However, you cannot leave too many apps running at one time or it will significantly slow down the system. The Xperia is easily re-booted and has the same management capabilities as other smart phones. It has HD voice for a clear conversation as well as the standard noise cancellation feature which filters out the background sounds.
Some people have debated the quality of the camera; there is no front camera or camera rotation. The megapixels are 3.2 and there is an auto focus. The Xperia seems to take lower quality pictures, leaving some with a sour taste for this smart phone. With today’s technology in smart phones, some consumers have come to expect and demand better camera options with each new sell. It is easy to forget this phone is inexpensive and unlocked if you are not willing to compromise the necessity of a good camera.
This smart phone does have Google Chrome, Walkman, and PlayStore. It has the capacity to download multiple apps just as any other smart phone. The only difference is, running too many apps in the background takes a big bite out of the phone’s ability to work efficiently. The processor speed is 1GHz. Other phone features are predictive text input, SMS, Realtone, and multi-touch screen.
The joy of an unlocked phone is being able to use it on any carrier. Typically, networks like to keep track of their customers and discourage them from going off to other networks. Unlocked phones become compatible using SIM cards from all the different choices of network providers. In fact, many people do this to change their provider. With a SIM card on an unlocked this is easy to do.

Another advantage of an unlocked phone is roaming charges. If you are in other countries, it can be very costly to use your phone. An unlocked phone erases this problem, keeping the roaming charges at bay. Unlocked phones are a hot commodity and are rapidly sought after, so the resale value in selling your unlocked phone is going to be great. Remember to focus on what your needs are in a phone. Every phone has a good and bad side.  Find your phone plan at lower cost at

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

The Samsung Galaxy 4 Review:This is one of the forerunners of smartphone technology. In fact, it is the Apple iPhone’s number one competitor. If you are in a quandary in deciding if this phone is a good buy, here’s the scoop on this impressive device.The Samsung Galaxy S4 sports a brilliant 5-inch display that brings everything to life. The phone is super sleek and so light, you will probably forget that you are holding it. It runs on an Android 4.2.2 OS and a 1.9 Ghz Quad-Processor and an Exynos 5 Octa 5410 Chipset.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Protection – If you are super clumsy and prone to dropping things, then you will be relieved that the S4 is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. This protective technology is tough and ultra durable and is actually three times tougher than its predecessor- Gorilla Glass 2. This makes the device both damage and scratch-resistant.
Storage – The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a standard 16 GB storage capacity. However, the phone also features a MicroSD card slot which allows you to boost the external memory capacity up to 64 GB. Samsung also allows you to use their Dropbox cloud storage to store files up to 50 GB.

More Samsung Galaxy 4 Review:
Camera – Taking pictures will never be the same again. The camera on the Samsung Galaxy s4 is simply amazing. The 13 mp camera has dual shot capacity and produces sharp, detailed images that make you look like a pro. Relive your photo memories with impressive features such as dual shot, sound and shot, and drama shot.
Dual shot enables you to use both the front and rear camera simultaneously and takes two pictures at one. You will never again feel left out of a picture. The sound and shot feature makes your picture so vivid, you can almost hear and feel what happened then. or tell a story with the impressive drama shot feature which allows you to capture every movement in one photo.
Battery Life – The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a powerful battery with 2600 mAH capacity. In real terms, the battery will deliver talk-time of up to 17 hours and stand-by time of up to 370 hours. It also delivers video playback of up to 11 1/2 hours and web browsing of up to 7 hours.
Colors – There are no interesting or fun colors for this device. This phone is available in black mist, white frost, black edition and arctic blue. However, you can always add character to your phone with a nice case.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is in a league by itself. It delivers amazing performance, incredible features and is definitely worth its weight in gold. Are you eyeing the Samsung Galaxy S4? Well, it’s time to make your move.  Give The Samsung Galaxy 4 Review a thumbs up.  Great Phone Store Software can be found at

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Motorola Moto G Review

Motorola Moto G is probably one of the best phones from the Motorola Company that is affordable and one that is preferred by people from all walks of life. So what makes this phone so popular than other new phones in the market? Let’s take a look at the features that sets this phone apart.

Motorola Moto G

Motorola Moto G

It is clear that your eyes will receive a treat to a 4.5 inch “edge-to-edge” LCD display. As if that’s not enough, the 720 x 1280 pixels of resolution enhance the clarity of the anything displayed. This means that the photos you take will be as clear as real.The rear camera has a 5 megapixel sensor. The figure we get is of around 329ppi.
The other thing that makes this phone one of a kind is the fact that it has a layer of Gorilla Glass 3 that protects the screen against any kind of scratches. It is also important to understand that there is a powerful processor ticking within the Motorola Moto G and this is a 1.2GHz, quad-core Snapdragon 400 silicon. This is not something you will find in phones with this price. It means that you only get the best at a lower price. With a 1GB RAM in the device and all GSM Networks including AT&T and (2G) T-Mobile, everything you need is only a click away.
Weighing only 143grams, Motorola Moto G is the type of a phone that feels great to have in the hand. It is also not cumbersome especially if you never let your phone go. Despite having a user removal back plate, the phone still feels solid. If you want something flashy and trendy, you can always replace the back plate with any color you like or flip overs. However, the phone comes in different colors to suite different personalities. What else would you want in a phone?

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Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G LTE

The Huawei the Ascend Mate 2 4G LTE is out and if you are a Huawei fan you probably can’t wait to get your hands on this device. This Ascend Mate 2 4G LTE has some impressive features and quite a few upgrades from its predecessor. Here’s the low-down on this really cool phablet.

Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G LTE

Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G LTE Review

The Huawei Ascend Mate 2 sports a screen display of 6.1″ with screen resolution of 720 p. This is big and bright enough for you to see everything crystal clear. Despite the large screen, the phone weighs a little over 7 ounces and is sleek and light enough for you to hold single-handedly. The device’s screen is protected by a Corning Gorilla glass, which means you have to be really quite destructive to be able to smash this phone to pieces.
This Huawei Ascend runs on an Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and features a Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset, as well as a Quad-core 1.6 Ghz. The storage has received a boost and now features 16 GB but the MicroSD card slot can accommodate up to 64 GB.
If you love taking pictures, then you will also love this phone. The 13 mp rear facing camera features a Sony BSI rear lens which enables you to take really sharp shots. The 5 MP front facing camera takes crystal clear photos that will wow all selfie-lovers.
The battery capacity is what you may appreciate most about this 4G LTE. The Huawei Ascend has a powerful battery that will leave the competition in the dust. The battery can last up to two days on a single charge and is so powerful that it can charge other devices. If that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is.
You may already know how frustrating it is to use a touch screen phone when you are wearing gloves during winter and otherwise. With the Huawei Ascend, this won’t be a problem as the phone features a gloves mode, which allows you to use the device while you are using gloves. How cool is that?
No need to wait for an eternity to download files and access information. This phone downloads at record speed- 150 Mbps to be exact.

The Huawei Ascend Mate 4G LTE is reasonable priced and is as smart as smartphones get. No need to break the bank to get a high-end phone. This is the perfect smartphone to have in your corner. Find the best Verizon network phone plans at

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GSM or CDMA Mobile phone?

What is CDMA or Code Division Multiple Access ? Why are United States based mobile networks switching from international standard GSM or Global System for Mobile Communication to CDMA today? Why should you switch over to CDMA phones and Services today? The response is fairly basic; it is due to the fact that CDMA provides a larger choice than GSM. Although, GSM is made use of worldwide, most of the companies in the United States are now utilizing this radio system.

Exactly what is CDMA?

Before you learn the benefits of switching over to CDMA phones and Solutions today, you have to very first understand what it is. Code Division Multiple Access is a type electromagnetic radiation system that is made use of by cellular phones to send information and signals to other phones. This system utilized a spread spectrum, a technique that makes use of electro-magnetic energy to spread signals at bandwidth which is bigger than normal. This means that you and your buddies who use CDMA phones and Solutions can utilize the very same channel and share bandwidth frequencies with hardly any disruption.

USA CDMA Carriers:


Benefits of CDMA

Right here are some of the advantages that you can get if you select CDMA technology based phones and services:.
Dominant. It is the controling innovation used in the United States.
Data Transfer. Did you understand that text and voice data are sent on a various channel with CDMA? This is one of the reasons it is much easier to transfer data with CDMA as compared to GSM. In addition, it likewise makes use of EVDO platform which is considered as the fastest 3G requirement today.
Locked Phone.

When you get a CDMA phone, you will have that phone for life and your number would not alter anymore.
Providers. Given that 5 out of 7 of the significant carriers in the US is using this system, it is simpler to obtain services for the phone. You will not have an issue even if you are on the country side.
These are some of the reasons it would be wise to transfer or get CDMA phones and Solutions today.

CDMA, GSM and Mobile Program

Although, the US is a CDMA nation it does not suggest that you need to just choose CDMA phones and Services. GSM phones and Services is likewise a great product that you may wish to try. Why would you go for it if 70 % of the providers are going for CDMA? Although, GSM is the world standard, the quality and security that CDMA is far more exceptional when as compared to it. Envision, 5 out of the leading 7 service providers pick this protected system over GSM. Did you know that they have the most advance 3G and 4G network available in town?


Final Verdict

Both products have their own weaknesses and strengths. This is why clients should choose which of the two they require the most – CDMA, with its strong and high quality connection or GSM with its fairly strong connection and versatile features.
Nevertheless, for a United States based customer, the very best selection would be the CDMA as it supplies bigger coverage and a more secure line. You won’t have problems getting refills and mobile plans due to the fact that they have branches around the nation.