Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

The Samsung Galaxy 4 Review:This is one of the forerunners of smartphone technology. In fact, it is the Apple iPhone’s number one competitor. If you are in a quandary in deciding if this phone is a good buy, here’s the scoop on this impressive device.The Samsung Galaxy S4 sports a brilliant 5-inch display that brings everything to life. The phone is super sleek and so light, you will probably forget that you are holding it. It runs on an Android 4.2.2 OS and a 1.9 Ghz Quad-Processor and an Exynos 5 Octa 5410 Chipset.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Protection – If you are super clumsy and prone to dropping things, then you will be relieved that the S4 is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. This protective technology is tough and ultra durable and is actually three times tougher than its predecessor- Gorilla Glass 2. This makes the device both damage and scratch-resistant.
Storage – The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a standard 16 GB storage capacity. However, the phone also features a MicroSD card slot which allows you to boost the external memory capacity up to 64 GB. Samsung also allows you to use their Dropbox cloud storage to store files up to 50 GB.

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Camera – Taking pictures will never be the same again. The camera on the Samsung Galaxy s4 is simply amazing. The 13 mp camera has dual shot capacity and produces sharp, detailed images that make you look like a pro. Relive your photo memories with impressive features such as dual shot, sound and shot, and drama shot.
Dual shot enables you to use both the front and rear camera simultaneously and takes two pictures at one. You will never again feel left out of a picture. The sound and shot feature makes your picture so vivid, you can almost hear and feel what happened then. or tell a story with the impressive drama shot feature which allows you to capture every movement in one photo.
Battery Life – The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a powerful battery with 2600 mAH capacity. In real terms, the battery will deliver talk-time of up to 17 hours and stand-by time of up to 370 hours. It also delivers video playback of up to 11 1/2 hours and web browsing of up to 7 hours.
Colors – There are no interesting or fun colors for this device. This phone is available in black mist, white frost, black edition and arctic blue. However, you can always add character to your phone with a nice case.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is in a league by itself. It delivers amazing performance, incredible features and is definitely worth its weight in gold. Are you eyeing the Samsung Galaxy S4? Well, it’s time to make your move.  Give The Samsung Galaxy 4 Review a thumbs up.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Motorola Moto G Review

Motorola Moto G is probably one of the best phones from the Motorola Company that is affordable and one that is preferred by people from all walks of life. So what makes this phone so popular than other new phones in the market? Let’s take a look at the features that sets this phone apart.

Motorola Moto G

Motorola Moto G

It is clear that your eyes will receive a treat to a 4.5 inch “edge-to-edge” LCD display. As if that’s not enough, the 720 x 1280 pixels of resolution enhance the clarity of the anything displayed. This means that the photos you take will be as clear as real.The rear camera has a 5 megapixel sensor. The figure we get is of around 329ppi.
The other thing that makes this phone one of a kind is the fact that it has a layer of Gorilla Glass 3 that protects the screen against any kind of scratches. It is also important to understand that there is a powerful processor ticking within the Motorola Moto G and this is a 1.2GHz, quad-core Snapdragon 400 silicon. This is not something you will find in phones with this price. It means that you only get the best at a lower price. With a 1GB RAM in the device and all GSM Networks including AT&T and (2G) T-Mobile, everything you need is only a click away.
Weighing only 143grams, Motorola Moto G is the type of a phone that feels great to have in the hand. It is also not cumbersome especially if you never let your phone go. Despite having a user removal back plate, the phone still feels solid. If you want something flashy and trendy, you can always replace the back plate with any color you like or flip overs. However, the phone comes in different colors to suite different personalities. What else would you want in a phone?

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The Huawei the Ascend Mate 2 4G LTE is out and if you are a Huawei fan you probably can’t wait to get your hands on this device. This Ascend Mate 2 4G LTE has some impressive features and quite a few upgrades from its predecessor. Here’s the low-down on this really cool phablet.

Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G LTE

Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G LTE Review

The Huawei Ascend Mate 2 sports a screen display of 6.1″ with screen resolution of 720 p. This is big and bright enough for you to see everything crystal clear. Despite the large screen, the phone weighs a little over 7 ounces and is sleek and light enough for you to hold single-handedly. The device’s screen is protected by a Corning Gorilla glass, which means you have to be really quite destructive to be able to smash this phone to pieces.
This Huawei Ascend runs on an Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and features a Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset, as well as a Quad-core 1.6 Ghz. The storage has received a boost and now features 16 GB but the MicroSD card slot can accommodate up to 64 GB.
If you love taking pictures, then you will also love this phone. The 13 mp rear facing camera features a Sony BSI rear lens which enables you to take really sharp shots. The 5 MP front facing camera takes crystal clear photos that will wow all selfie-lovers.
The battery capacity is what you may appreciate most about this 4G LTE. The Huawei Ascend has a powerful battery that will leave the competition in the dust. The battery can last up to two days on a single charge and is so powerful that it can charge other devices. If that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is.
You may already know how frustrating it is to use a touch screen phone when you are wearing gloves during winter and otherwise. With the Huawei Ascend, this won’t be a problem as the phone features a gloves mode, which allows you to use the device while you are using gloves. How cool is that?
No need to wait for an eternity to download files and access information. This phone downloads at record speed- 150 Mbps to be exact.

The Huawei Ascend Mate 4G LTE is reasonable priced and is as smart as smartphones get. No need to break the bank to get a high-end phone. This is the perfect smartphone to have in your corner.

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GSM or CDMA Mobile phone?

What is CDMA or Code Division Multiple Access ? Why are United States based mobile networks switching from international standard GSM or Global System for Mobile Communication to CDMA today? Why should you switch over to CDMA phones and Services today? The response is fairly basic; it is due to the fact that CDMA provides a larger choice than GSM. Although, GSM is made use of worldwide, most of the companies in the United States are now utilizing this radio system.

Exactly what is CDMA?

Before you learn the benefits of switching over to CDMA phones and Solutions today, you have to very first understand what it is. Code Division Multiple Access is a type electromagnetic radiation system that is made use of by cellular phones to send information and signals to other phones. This system utilized a spread spectrum, a technique that makes use of electro-magnetic energy to spread signals at bandwidth which is bigger than normal. This means that you and your buddies who use CDMA phones and Solutions can utilize the very same channel and share bandwidth frequencies with hardly any disruption.

USA CDMA Carriers:


Benefits of CDMA

Right here are some of the advantages that you can get if you select CDMA technology based phones and services:.
Dominant. It is the controling innovation used in the United States.
Data Transfer. Did you understand that text and voice data are sent on a various channel with CDMA? This is one of the reasons it is much easier to transfer data with CDMA as compared to GSM. In addition, it likewise makes use of EVDO platform which is considered as the fastest 3G requirement today.
Locked Phone.

When you get a CDMA phone, you will have that phone for life and your number would not alter anymore.
Providers. Given that 5 out of 7 of the significant carriers in the US is using this system, it is simpler to obtain services for the phone. You will not have an issue even if you are on the country side.
These are some of the reasons it would be wise to transfer or get CDMA phones and Solutions today.

CDMA, GSM and Mobile Program

Although, the US is a CDMA nation it does not suggest that you need to just choose CDMA phones and Services. GSM phones and Services is likewise a great product that you may wish to try. Why would you go for it if 70 % of the providers are going for CDMA? Although, GSM is the world standard, the quality and security that CDMA is far more exceptional when as compared to it. Envision, 5 out of the leading 7 service providers pick this protected system over GSM. Did you know that they have the most advance 3G and 4G network available in town?


Final Verdict

Both products have their own weaknesses and strengths. This is why clients should choose which of the two they require the most – CDMA, with its strong and high quality connection or GSM with its fairly strong connection and versatile features.
Nevertheless, for a United States based customer, the very best selection would be the CDMA as it supplies bigger coverage and a more secure line. You won’t have problems getting refills and mobile plans due to the fact that they have branches around the nation.